BBQ Silver Heat Deflecting Sheet (P&P €3.00 per order)


BBQ Silver Heat Deflecting Sheet (P&P €3.00 per order)



Barbecue heat deflecting sheet for gas barbecues stops heat escaping from the back of the barbecue

  • Barbecue heats up in an quarter of the time.
  • Safe up to 70% on your barbecue gas cylinder costs UP TO €25.00 saving
  • BBQ in cold or windy weather at full temperature.
  • BBQ during the winter.


  1. Thoroughly clean areas where adhesive is attached to BBQ with jiff or oven cleaner
  2. Remove the clear adhesive backing tape (leaving the adhesive on the reflector sheet)
  3. Attach to BBQ above and below the openings at back of BBQ (SMOKE WILL VENT FROM BOTH EDGES LEFT OPEN)
  4. Trim edges to BBQ width

Watch the temperature as the BBQ will heat up quickly adjust the temperature to required cooking temperature.


Dimensions: 400 x 800 mm

Food Contact Approved

Withstands Temperature up 300 c


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