Toasti Bags (500) toasties) (2 Pack)


The Original Reusable Toasteabag makes perfect toasted sandwiches & other snacks with No Mess in your toaster or toaster oven. The Toasteebags are Quick, Clean & Convenient. You can use Toasterbags to make a wide variety of toasted sandwiches or to heat up pastries, pizza slices, chicken nuggets & more Perfect for kids after school snacks Each Toastabag can be reused up to 500 times. EasyBake toaster bags are made in Ireland and large enough for Irish bread. EasyBake toaster bags are fully EU and FDA food contact approved unlike toaster bags sold in shops and supermarkets which are made in China and DO NOT have food contact approval.


Super strong Toastibags minimum 500 uses made in Ireland from super NON STICK Teflon fabric which is fully food contact approved


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